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Big Camp Multimedia is specialized in the development of prototypes for new systems and applications. This provides a full user experience at early phases of new product/application design.

Our skills include application software-development, embedded software, and electronics design. This combination enables us to create a complete system within a short development time.

3D Genomic Data Browser

An application for 3D visualization and manipulation of genomic data.

This application visualizes genomic information mapped in a 3D space. The user can browse chromosomes, genes, all the way down to the level of amino acids, and manipulate protein molecules in 3D. It has been developed in the context of cancer reasearch, in which genomics plays an ever increasing role.

The genomic data used has been obtained from public resources like NCBI and the USCS Genome Browser, complemented with propietary detail information for specific demonstrations. This application was part of a larger demo that we implemented using Unity. The choice of platform was driven by the requirement to render and manipulate complex 3D-structures.

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Supporting Technology for Hospital Rooms

We have built various prototypes for user-experience demonstrations in hospital rooms (ICU).

As part of strategic development for hospital rooms in the future, we developed a collection of small prototypes, working together to form an interactive experience. This setup is used for demonstrations and user tests, to get feedback and shape ideas. The aim is to improve experience for patients as well as relatives, and to better link this to the medical care givers.

The prototypes involve technologies like interactive LED-animation, RFID-sensing, networking, and UI-implementations for touch screen and tablet. Technologies used include .NET + Windows WPF, and embedded microcontroller software.

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3D Visualization for Healthcare

An application for visualization and real-time manipulation of medical data in 3D.

This application visualizes actual patient data using a realistic 3D body model, augmented with medical imaging data such as MRI, CT, and ultrasound. The user can browse and manipulate the model in real time. Interaction takes place via touch screen, mouse, or Leap Motion controller.

The system has been implemented using the Unity 3D game engine. This made it possible to achieve real-time performance using complex 3D data models.

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Resonant Wireless Charger

A joint product development.

Resonant wireless charging is a technology that allows devices to be charged at large distances. A conventional wireless charger has to be in close range and perfectly aligned with the device. A resonant charger allows for less perfect placement while still maintaining a good level of efficiency.

For a joint product development, we are designing and implementing a low-cost resonant charger. This project involves electronics design as well as embedded software for controlling the charging process at varying distance and resulting levels of energy transfer.

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Light Animation Management

Embedded software, and electronics for networked, animated light control.

This project involved the development of a system that manages the content of a set of controllers, and delivers stream data for animated light strings. This system serves as a building component for large light installations.

The controllers are Raspberry PI - based, integrated with a real-time unit for high-speed animation stream control.

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Living Lab - Dashboard Prototype

A dashboard for remote city management.

Living Lab is a series of experiments conducted in the Eindhoven region by a cooperation of over 20 research institutes and stakeholders.

Our work in this context has been the creation of a management “dashboard”. This dashboard visualizes activities within the area using heat maps and allows for limited control of the siutuation (controlling lights).

The prototype has been set up as a local demo for demonstration and user evaluation. It has been connected to a set of controllable street lights to mimic the real-life situation. In addition, we developed a controllable LED-banner board linked to the application, that senses sound activity and reacts to that.

The system has been implemented using JavaFX, running on a high-resolution touch monitor. The street lights are controlled via DMX, and the banner/sensor board via a proprietary serial protocol.

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